11 July 2017

The Institute of Historical Research (National Hellenic Research Foundation) realized successfully the first ‘Summer School on Ancient Greek and Roman Numismatics’ (3-12 July 2017), organized by Dr Charikleia Papageorgiadou, Dr Sophia Kremydi, Dr Evangeline Markou (seminar coordinator) and Dr Christophe Flament.


Within this framework a visit took place at the Benaki Museum, so that the group of attendants would participate in a special seminar. At the Museum’s amphitheater there was held a presentation of the KIKPE Numismatic Collection, while the 25 participants were given also the chance to have a hands-on experience involving a selection of Ancient Greek and Roman (mostly Provincial) coins. Yannis Stoyas (Researcher Curator, KIKPE Numismatic Collection) discussed a series of selected rarities from the Collection, while Prof. Vasiliki Penna (University of the Peloponnese) made reference to the particular character of the Collection per se. Dr Maria Papadaki had an auxiliary role for the implementation of the event.