From time to time interesting research programmes are submitted to KIKPE for sponsorship. Unfortunately, due to the current economic conjuncture and obligations already undertaken, the Foundation is unable to respond entirely to such requests. They are for:

Hellenic Retrospective National Bibliography of the 19th century

Philip Elias – Popi Polemi

The “Hellenic Retrospective National Bibliography of the 19th” century has been elaborated by the ‘Vivliologiko’ Ergastiri (Workshop) (founded in 1983 by Philip Elias) in the recent decades, thus now permitting the supervision of the equivalent production, whilst surpassing the data it would have offered during its existence of a classic current national bibliography for the period in question. It serves as a comprehensive catalogue of the contents of libraries, precisely since it lists every copy of each published text to be found in dispersed libraries, whether in Greece or abroad, public or private. The Website provides the entry in synopsis for the contents as well as the electronic address of the digital versions allowing direct access to the texts themselves.Two volumes have already circulated, covering the period from 1801 to 1832, a third being under preparation for the period 1833-1846 (era of King Othon).

Lexicon of Medieval Hellenic Folk Literature,
Vols. I – XIV,(1100 – 1669)

mmanuel G. Kriaras

The Lexicon of Medieval Hellenic Folk Literature (1100 – 1669) records and documents linguistic material of six centuries of the Greek language in its intermediate phase between Late Antiquity until the 17th century. Together with his colleagues, Emmanuel Kriaras has written fourteen volumes ( I – XIV), published between 1968 and 1997. The work was greeted with dozens of positive literary critiques, in Greece and abroad. The Epitome was digitalized and is available free of charge on the site of the Gate to the Greek Language of the Greek Language Centre (KEG). In the Medieval Lexicon the instances of appearance of a word and all its definitions or sub-definitions are substantiated with quotations from the literary sources.

Digitalization of the Athens Academy’s “Historical Lexicon of Modern Greek”

The Athens Academy seeks sponsorship for the “Historical Lexicon of Modern Greek”, with a view to the digitalization of the valuable material extant in the archives of the Athens Academy’s Research Centre for Modern Greek Dialects and Idiom and the acceleration of elaboration of volumes of the Lexicon, a work the completion of which has been delayed due to lack of adequate scientific staffing and of an electronic infrastructure.