Athens Concert Hall - Megaron Plus Programme

The lecture cycle entitled "Greece and the West" presents aspects of the relations developed over the centuries between the Greeks and the peoples of Europe. At first, in the words of the poet Horace, "Conquered Greece has conquered the brute victor and brought her arts into rustic Latium". However, already during the period of the Roman rule, a reciprocal relationship developed, which, with fluctuations, continues to this day. The speakers focus their research on diverse individual issues and touching upon the history of ideas and culture, attempt to sketch the wider framework of our common cultural heritage.

KIKPE in collaboration with the Society for the Study of Greek History (EMEIS)

Niketas Siniossoglou
Eleni Tounta

16 December 2013

Demetris Moschos
Demetris Mavropoulos

14 October 2013

Christophoros Pissaridis
Stelios Ramfos

15 April 2013

Μ.Ζ. Kopidakis
Filippomaria Pontani

4 February 2013

Τelemachos Maratos
Pedro Olalla

17 December 2012

Μ.Ζ. Kopidakis
Stathis Psyllos

29 October 2012