diachronic and contemporary deliberations

Athens Concert Hall - Megaron Plus Programme

The title of the lecture series, “Εις σημείον αντιλεγόμενον” (A sign which will be disputed), taken from the Gospel of Luke and refering to Christ, who, according to Simeon’s prophecy, through his teachings and deeds would cause ructions in his social milieu. Over time the phrase has been isolated from its context, generalized and as winged words now declares whatever subject, both in specialist circles and in society as a whole, provokes disagreements, counterarguments and disputes. Consequently, as a rule, the issues “disputed” (socio-political, philosophical, artistic and scientific) are at the same time diachronic and current. The lectures belong in the category of popularization and are are primarily addressed to the wider educated public, which cannot afford the time to consult specialist treatises.

Lydia Tricha
Giorgos Κ. Stephanakis

30 November 2011

Emmanuela Kantzia
Argiris Efstratiadis

31 October 2011

Μ.Ζ Kopidakis
Giannis Veneris

23 May 2011

Μ.Ζ Kopidakis
Giorgos Pamboukis

4 April 2011

Dimitris Mavropoulos
Μarigo Alexopoulou

8 November 2010

Katerina Ierodiakonou
Socrates Kougeas

5 October 2010

Theodosis Nikolaidis
Ζizi Salimba

3 May 2010

Νikitas Siniosoglou
Νikos Κarapidakis

2 March 2010