Athens Concert Hall - Megaron Plus Programme

In the garden, the sweet memory of the first enclosed garden of Paradise relives. And agriculture, one of the first steps of civilization, the way of life that developed in cities, has its roots in the enclosed space: the orchard and the vegetable garden.

Unfortunately, man today is cut off from Nature. Within the garden, which is at once locus amoenus and artistic achievement, urban man will find the tranquility, the reflection and the return to his childhood paradise, the return to his deeper self.

In the series “The Art of Gardens”, distinguished “gardeners” share with the general public their personal pleasure and the secrets of the art of gardening. The lecture cycle aims to “graft” the experience of experts onto the concerns of us all regarding the present and the future of public gardens.

Teresa Moller

03 October 2014

Gary Hilderbrand

17 February 2014

Dan Pearson

30 December 2013

Louis Benech

10 October 2012

Fernando Caruncho

21 November 2011

Gilles Clement

8 February 2011