L’incomparable beauté des monnaies grecques
MNA 1 (2016)

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Memoranda Numismatica Atheniensia

The new series constitutes a collaboration between the KIKPE foundation and the Benaki Museum and it is planned to appear annually. The focus is mainly on matters of numismatics, with an emphasis on aesthetic approaches at the same time. The name of the series creates the acronym MNA which intentionally hints at mna (or mina), an ancient unit of weight and currency, which consisted a value/multiple of the coin denominations - e.g 1 Attic mna = 100 Attic/Athenian drachmai.

The 1st issue (2016) of the MNA series showcases the essay L’incomparable beauté des monnaies grecques. Les raisons qui fondent leur admiration by Dr François de Callataÿ (Royal Library of Belgium). The text was based on a lecture given within the Seminar “Numismatic meetings - chremata kai archai” - which has been co-organised by the Belgian School at Athens, the French School at Athens and the University of Athens - and was presented on 26 May 2014 at the “Kostes Palamas” building (Athens). François de Callataÿ deals thoroughly with the topic, going back among else to Plotinus (On the Beautiful) and Longinus (On the Sublime), to Winckelmann and Goethe, as well as to Theodore Roosevelt. The whole interpretation goes beyond a discussion in terms of aesthetics, building on analysis of empirical and technical elements from the fields both of numismatics and art history. The first issue of the series ΜΝΑ was edited by Panagiotis Iossif (Belgian School at Athens) and Yannis Stoyas (KIKPE Numismatic Collection).

The scientific supervision of the MNA series is handled by Prof. Vasiliki Penna (University of the Peloponnese).


Words and Coins
From Ancient Greece to Byzantium

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Words and Coins: From Ancient Greece to Byzantium ISBN: 978-94-9069-364-0

Les Μots et les Μonnaies :De la Grèce Ancienne à Byzance ISBN: 978-94-9069-384-8

Vasiliki Penna (ed.)

The volume was published in two languages (French, English) on the occasion of the temporary exhibition of the same title "Les mots et les monnaies, de la Grèce ancienne à Byzance", held in the Fondation Martin Bodmer, Geneva – Cologny (November 2012 – March 2013), in collaboration with the Benaki Museum. Structured in three parts, the synoptic catalogue of the exhibits is articulated according to the fourteen units of the exhibition. The appendix of full-page colour plates admirably conveys the superb quality of the objects included in the exhibition. The volume is completed by an introductory text (prooemium) and ten essays which, with their diverse approaches and perspectives, contribute to the central idea of the project.

380 pages
27 x 22 cm
French & English

Published by ΜΕR


Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum
Greece 7

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Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. Greece 7.
The KIKPE Collection of Bronze Coins, Volume I

Vasiliki Penna and Yannis Stoyas (eds)

Πρόκειται για τον πρώτο τόμο της Νομισματικής Συλλογής του Κοινωφελούς Ιδρύματος Κοινωνικού & Πολιτιστικού Έργου, με τη μορφή καταλόγου Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, έκδοση της Ακαδημίας Αθηνών. Aποτελεί μέρος της σειράς Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, η έναρξη της οποίας ανάγεται στη Μεγάλη Βρετανία το 1931, και θεωρείται ως η πλέον έγκριτη μορφή δημοσίευσης αρχαίων ελληνικών νομισμάτων. Η Νομισματική Συλλογή Κ.Ι.Κ.Π.Ε. έχει ως κύριο χαρακτηριστικό τη συγκέντρωση προσκτημάτων με έμφαση σχεδόν αποκλειστικά στα χάλκινα νομίσματα. Στο SNG KIKPE Vol. I περιλαμβάνονται 1.233 αρχαία ελληνικά και ελληνίζοντα νομίσματα που καλύπτουν ένα ευρύ γεωγραφικό φάσμα, από την Ισπανία ώς τη Βακτρία και την Ινδία, και από την Ταυρική Χερσόνησο ώς τη Μαυριτανία. Ως terminus ante quem για τον παρόντα τόμο ορίστηκαν συμβατικά τα έτη 27-25 π.Χ. Τα νομίσματα της Συλλογής που χρονολογούνται μετά από αυτό το όριο προβλέπεται να ενταχθούν σε έναν δεύτερο κατάλογο SNG που θα αφορά τις επαρχιακές ρωμαϊκές κοπές και τα σύγχρονα βασίλεια.

Ακαδημία Αθηνών
291 σελίδες
ΙSBN: 978–960–404–242–5
Αθήνα, 2012


Chalkous for Everyday Dealings
The Unknown World of Bronze Coinage

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Χαλκούς Ένεκα Αλλαγής.Ο Άγνωστος Κόσμος των Χάλκινων ΝομισμάτωνISBN: 960-89046-0-9

Chalkous, for everyday dealings. The unknown world of bronze coinageISBN: 960-89046-1-7

V. Penna

The monograph, published in two languages, accompanied, in lieu of a catalogue, the temporary exhibition of the same title, mounted in the Benaki Museum (2006) and the Tellogleion Foundation (2007). It focuses on bronze coinage, which is considered overall from antiquity into the Middle Ages, enhancing in particular its decisive role in everyday petty transactions. The book is structured in five units: ‘The birth of coinage’, ‘The establishment of bronze coinage’, ‘Coin production and mint organization’, ‘Bronze coins, approaching their iconography’, and last, ‘Bronze coins and transactions in the ancient and Byzantine world’.

ΚΙΚΠΕ - Benaki Museum
274 pages
Greek & English

Athens, 2006


Heads and Tails - Tales and Bodies
Engraving the Human Figure from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period

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Engraving the Human Figure from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period

The English catalogue of the homonymous exhibition was edited by Prof. Vasiliki Penna and was published at Ghent in 2016 (ISBN 978 94 9232 131 2; 406 pages + 119 colour plates).

The book attempts to shed novel light on how the human body is perceived and represented in different social and historical contexts, from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period. The perspective adopted is mainly that of small-scale artefacts: coins, medals and miniature artworks. The intention is to bring to the front stage, for re-appraisal, the antique notion of ‘beauty in small-scale’ (κάλλος εν σμικρώ).

223 exhibits (coins, coin-shaped objects and other artefacts) are presented, with an extensive commentary on occasion. This collective opus closes with six essays focusing on the perception of the human body in different ages and cultures.


Body reminiscent
Twenty one poems of C. P. Cavafy

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Twenty one poems of C. P. Cavafy

This booklet, printed in 2016, encapsulates the following idea: to offer to the visitors of the exhibition Heads and Tails – Tales and Bodies: Engraving the Human Figure from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period (Pushkin Museum, Moscow, 2016) an ideal companion —in the form of selected poems of C. P. Cavafy— for a better insight into the exhibition’s narrative. The poet’s verses —here marvelling at a beautiful face, there reminiscing at the touch of a much-desired body, or interlacing the subjects into the History— were chosen to make even more palpable many of the exhibition’s subtle allusions. The, largely personal, selection of poems aspires to evoke simultaneously the approach of a visitor strolling through the exhibition gallery in the Pushkin Museum, as well as that of a reader flipping through the pages of the exhibition catalogue.