KIKPE manifests its awareness of the rapid social and economic developments that are adversely affecting the greater part of the population of Greece, in particular vulnerable social groups, by supporting other foundations and associations with a proven track record in humanitarian projects, in order to deal with urgent needs of sustenance.

In 2017, the KIKPE foundation supported financially the following social institutions:

    • Cerebral Palsy Greece – OPEN DOOR, for the support of programs for people with motor disorders.
    • The “THEOTOKOS” Foundation, supporting its social work, particularly in the field of special preschool education for children with intellectual disorders and severe learning difficulties.
    • The organization “The Smile of the Child” (“To Hamogelo tou Paidiou”), supporting its actions in the field of health care provision, particularly for the implementation of the Program “Pediatric Home Treatment”.
    • The non-profit organization “PNOE – Friends of Children in Intensive Care” draws its members from associations of parents and paediatricians. It offers its services on a voluntary basis, and is active in providing equipment for intensive care units for children and infants all over Greece.


Institute of Preventive Medicine, Environmental and Occupational Health

KIKPE from 2012 has been supporting “Prolepsis” for the “Program on Food Aid and Promotion of Healthy Nutrition in Schools”, covering the costs for the provision of meals for pupils in primary schools.

The schools are selected in consultation with “Prolepsis”, on the basis of their recorded needs and the socio-economic status of the students and their families.
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Holy Archdiocese of Athens

In 2017, the KIKPE foundation supported financially the Non-Profit Organization “Apostoli”, run by the Archdiocese of Athens, for the preparation and distribution of daily meals to penurious people, through the “commons of love”, organized daily throughout the year.
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“Ark of the World”

The KIKPE Foundation supported financially “Ark of the World”, the Voluntary Non- Profit Organization of Mother and Child Protection that provides special care and protection for children and minors.

Integrated Special Professional Gymnasium-Lyceum of Peristeri

The KIKPE Foundation supported financially this newly founded school for supplies of logistical equipment and consumables.