Seminar RU / NIA: Athens 2018


The KIKPE Numismatic Collection participated to the Course organised by the Radboud University Nijmegen in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute at Athens.

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International Colloquium at Tegea, 12-13 December 2019


“Memory and impression: A walk-through in the Peloponnese” Tegea, 12–13 December 2019 Michail N. Stassinopoulos-Viohalco Public-benefit Foundation The event is set to function as a herald of the temporary exhibition “Memory and impression: A walk- through in the Peloponnese using ancient coins as a guide” (to open in May 2020 at the Archaeological Museum of Tegea). The contributions to the Colloquium include perspectives by historians, numismatists, archaeologists, art historians, and so on, broadening the spectrum of the approaches and the information to be offered. Organisers: KIKPE – Michail N. Stassinopoulos-Viohalco Public-benefit Foundation – Ephorate of Antiquities of Arkadia Coordination: Yannis Stoyas, [...]

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Presentation on Byzantine coins at the Arsakeia – Tositseia Schools, Ekali


Yannis Stoyas (Researcher/Curator, KIKPE Numismatic Collection) participated with a presentation in the program “Can Byzantium become attractive? The Greek Middle Ages through the eyes of specialists”, which is organized by the Institute of Historical Research / National Hellenic Research Foundation. Within this framework, Yannis Stoyas presented to pupils of the second grade of the Junior High School the topic “Monetary system and aspects of economic life in the Byzantine state”.

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The KIKPE Diptych


With regard to the publication entitled The KIKPE Diptych. The idea of ​​W. von Humboldt andthe concept of entrepreneurship-innovation in humanities, Nikos A. Kalospiros elaborates onthe theoretical context of development for these lectures. In the first essay entitled “FromResearch to Teaching” Τhe KIKPE project he will interpret the title of the Seminars, namely“From Research to Teaching”, while in the second one he will illustrate the position ofclassical studies in the contemporary globalised world. In his prologue, M. Z. Kopidakis interprets Solon’s quote, “I grow old learning something newevery day” which is the first acknowledgment of the need for lifelong learning. [...]

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School of Philology of the Faculty of Philosophy, AUTh.


Financial support to the School of Philology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Facultyof Philosophy for the organisation, together with the Faculty of Languages and Literatures ofLudwig-Maximilians-Universität-Munich, of the 13th Trends in Classics InternationalConference entitled “Intended Ambiguity”. The conference is held in Thessaloniki from 23 upto 26 May 2019.

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Collaboration with “Future Library”


Enrichment of Public and Municipal Libraries The KIKPE Foundation, in collaboration with “Future Library”, an organisation with which theFoundation has been cooperating since 2012, will offer new publications by selectedpublishing houses this year as well, to twelve Public and Municipal libraries acrossGreece. The number of offered books regarding History, Literature, Essays, Philosophy,Art and Technology will exceed 4,000 copies annually.

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