Memoranda Numismatica Atheniensia 1 (Greek)

The 1st issue of the MNA series showcases the essay L’incomparable beauté des monnaies grecques. Les raisons qui fondent leur admiration by Dr François de Callataÿ (Royal Library of Belgium). François de Callataÿ deals thoroughly with the topic, going back among else to Plotinus (On the Beautiful) and Longinus (On the Sublime), to Winckelmann and Goethe, as well as to Theodore Roosevelt. The whole interpretation transcends a discussion in terms of aesthetics, building on analysis of empirical and technical elements from the fields both of numismatics and art history.

The essay appeared originally in French (2016) and was reprinted in 2020. By the end of 2020 the Greek edition was published; the translation was realised by Dr Panagiotis Iossif (Belgian School at Athens / Radboud University Nijmegen). The first issue of the ΜΝΑ series was edited by Yannis Stoyas and Panagiotis Iossif.

The series constitutes a collaboration between the KIKPE Foundation and the Benaki Museum and is published on an annual basis. The focus is mainly on matters of numismatics, with an emphasis on aesthetic approaches at the same time. The name of the series creates the acronym MNA which intentionally hints at mna (or mina), an ancient unit of weight and currency, which consisted a value/multiple of the coin denominations — e.g. 1 Attic mna = 100 Attic/Athenian drachmai.