Memoranda Numismatica Atheniensia 4

Andrew Meadows

Between Greece and Rome. Coinage in the Imperium of Mark Antony
MNA 4 (2019)

The coinage issued by Mark Antony in the East is a powerful, contemporary witness to the triumvir’s policies, self-projection and reception there. By examining it across its different categories —Roman, Royal, Civic and Provincial— we can view Antony from multiple angles and learn about his administration of the East in a way that other forms of evidence do not permit. The Antony who emerges is commander rigidly maintaining his Roman-ness, through frequent emphasis on his Roman titles and place within the Republican hierarchy. Business continued as usual within the Roman provinces. Outside the provinces, royal rule was tolerated, and indeed promoted, often under new dynasties. Royal forms of coinage persisted, though began to adapt their appearance to take account of the new overlord. The cities of the East found themselves having to adapt to a new, two-layered hierarchy above them. Through his settlements, Antony placed a variety of rulers between himself and civic bodies. Their response, visible only in the civic coinage, was to treat Anthony as their ultimate ruler; the cities learned from recent developments in Roman coinage by placing his (and his wives’) portrait on their issues. So it was that the phenomenon we know today as Roman Provincial Coinage was born.

The fourth issue of the Memoranda Numismatica Atheniensia was edited by Yannis Stoyas and Stelios Damigos.