12 October 2017

The French School at Athens (École française d’Athènes) organized a Seminar of ancient Greek and Roman numismatics addressed to PhD candidates (9–22 October 2017), in which coordination and teaching was undertaken by several scholars, among else Amélie Perrier, Olivier Picard, Catherine Grandjean, Arnaud Suspène, Shpresa Gjongecaj, etc.


Within this framework a group of tutors and attendants took a visit to the Benaki Museum. At the Museum’s amphitheater there was held first a presentation by Dr Maria Papadaki about the exhibitions organized by the KIKPE Numismatic Collection. The participants were given also the chance to have a hands-on experience involving a selection of ancient Greek and Roman (mostly Provincial) coins. Yannis Stoyas (Researcher Curator, KIKPE Numismatic Collection) discussed further the context of the selected rarities of the Collection.