Chalkous, for Everyday Dealings. The Unknown World of Bronze Coinage

V. Penna

Athens: KIKPE / Benaki Museum, 2006. ISBN 960-89046-1-7. 274 p.

The monograph consisted a vademecum catalogue of the homonymous temporary exhibition which took place at the Benaki Museum, Athens (2006), and at the Tellogleion Foundation, Thessaloniki (2007). The publication focuses on an overall approach of the bronze coinage during the Antiquity and the Middle Ages and highlighting its significant role concerning the everyday transactions. The structure of book is articulated over five basic topics: the birth of coinage; the establishment of bronze coinage; coin production and mint organization; approaching the iconography of bronze coins; bronze coins and transactions in the ancient and the Byzantine world – fragmentary testimonies – the numismatic evidence.